viVOS - Artframe for Creative Learning

  viVOS Artframe, the device that lets you play audio from your paper drawings!
The viVOS Artframe brings sound out of your photos, collarges, drawings.... without computers. Returned from a holidy. Stick or print photos onto an A3 or A4 shceet of paper and add audio comments, birdsounds or music anywhere you want. Tap to listen or record. Add tweets of the day, songs from CD's, screenshots from the web and make your own Audio Artwork. In minutes. Listen anywhere, without the need for computers. Seabirds, Garden birds, maps...

A great tool for the Professional to achieve their pictures with sounds with instant retrieval; to the child who can make audio visual pictures in minutes. Please see video below for demonstrations.

I've had a look at your videos and I love the idea of the viVOS artframe. It looks really simple to use, for both teachers and students. I can see immediate applications for all learners, regardless of what they are learning or what challenges they face. First of all, the novelty of the device would be quite exciting for the learners, keeping them motivated. They would probably feel they have more control over their learning, which is usually a good thing "

viVOS Artframe does not need a computer. Just tap with your  fingers to record and listen. The possibilities are endless! Click to watch a viVOS video.

Imagine making your own 'apps' for viVOS of all your bird watching experiences, in minutes.

The whole process is nearly instant with minimal learning or training. It's as easy as playing the traditional "Battleships" - just replace ships with audio files! Your drawings can be instantaneous, no need to be precious. There is so much free content on the web - pictures or photos of birds, their songs, commentary - print out pdf's and record onto them. Download podcasts, birdsongs, music and organise them on your paper. Record your voice and change as often as you wish. Nothing is precious, and if you like what you have done, you can share with others.

Patent: Mantra Lingua's viVOS Artframe is patent protected (GB2519127A)


  • Measures 55 x 42 x 2.5 cm and weighs 1.5 kgs
  • 4GB of memory
  • Can accommodate any paper size up to A3
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Water-resistant, high-impact ABS structural foam body
  • Inbuilt speakers and microphone
  • Headphone, microphone, and USB ports

A single unit of  viVOS Artframe costs £199.00 including vat.