European Birds Field Guide

The BirdVoice Field Guide packs over 4 hours of bird sounds of 290 species into a laminated A4 sheet that  easily folds to fit into a shirt pocket. This storehouse of knowledge with your BirdVoice is invaluable when you are out, in the garden, or on walks to identify a bird.

The species are sorted in scientific order and the Guide plays back European Expert Sound Recordist Jean Roche's Calls and Songs, as well as those of the British Library, the Great Bustard Group and Natural World UK. Just touch BirdVoice on the specie you want to hear and it will INSTANTLY play back the bird sound. If you want expert Geoff Sample's advice, then touch the "advice" cell next the specie. This advice is only available for some of the birds but remember you can now record your own observations next to any bird.  Because you are recording in the RED record Mode this will not affect the recordings that are played in the BLUE play mode.

The scientific order Field Guide is also available in French or German - please specify when you order.

If you already have a BirdMIKE Field Guide and would like to update to the scientific order,they cost £15 and will require you to update your pen with new software available as a download from our website. Just plug the pen into your computer using a usb & it will do the rest.

Bird sounds are instant, anywhere, no need for computers or wires.

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