Birdvoice LIte is for the occasional Birder, wanting the essentials for quick reference and have fun in the garden or short outings. Listen to the birds respond when they hear Birdvoice. (Not in mating season, pl.)
Includes BirdVoicePEN, 190 Species Songs, Calls and Expert Advice waterproof Field Guide, USB Cable for recharging AAA batteries (included). Birdvoice will also record audio onto recordable stickers (100 free included) to get started with your hobby.  BirdvoicePEN how has 8GB sd card, expandable to 32 GB.

Birdvoice Lite is the core of your hobby and you can add many supporting accessories as you build up your interest - Birdvoice Notebook with index of 270 birds in scientific and alphabetical order,  posters, etc. 



BirdVoice Lite

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