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It all started in 2006. "Is there a simple, Wi-Fi-free way of recognising bird calls and songs, and doubling the enjoyment and status among your fellow bird lovers? Something that is portable and fast, that uses books and posters and stickers but plays back sound immediately!"

We wanted the enjoyment of telling bird lovers which sound belongs to which species in, what educationalists call, a kinaesthetic way. The BirdVoice system is based on the amazing fact that now you can play back sound by touching paper!

Incredible? No, not at all. Sometimes a simple technology can be used across different markets. BirdVoicePEN, PENfriend, PENpal, ClassroomPEN and DiscoveryPEN are used for audio labelling (the RNIB’s best-selling product), for Nurseries and Schools, and for Museums. Till now over 100,000 PENs have been sold in UK and abroad.

Our unique BirdVoice system has grown over the years. Touch the Pen on a laminated Field Guide and it will call out a species Call or Song or even expert advice. Touch the BirdVoice Notebook and compare songs of different species of birds – Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Bearded Tit, Great Tit, Crested Tit, Long-tailed Tit.

The latest product for the BirdVoice range is a set of labels to stick on to the pages of your favourite bird book. So, instead of just reading description of bird songs and calls, you can listen to what is being described with the actual sounds.

We are celebrating 15 years of BirdVoice, and there is so much more to do. So please continue to support our hobby and, if you have grandchildren, you can cross over to recording your voice onto picture books and even with the recordable stickers, add your voice onto any photobook, photo, or any other book! All with a single BirdVoicePEN, which is at the heart of our BirdVoice system.

  • Devices: BirdVoicePEN

  • 290 Species of European Birds in a pocket sized foldaway laminated card

  • Sound-enabled A3 posters and stickers of Garden Birds

  • Over 1000 unique stickers for adding your voice onto any book or poster.

The one BirdVoicePEN can be used with products in other markets and therefore has over 4000 uses:

Audio labelling objects and garden tags:

Children's picture books:;;;

Museums and nature trails:

And in order that you can get the best out of BirdVoicePEN, you are eligible to a free online course at This course is really for teachers and nurseries but the same PENpal technology for schools can give you basic information on your pen.


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