The British Birds Diary contains 80 pages for you to make your own audio record of your birding experiences.


Over time you can build up your own personal Bird Diary. Each page has 6 recordable spots into which you can save your recordings. The index has recordings of 270 species sorted in scientific order as well as alphabetically. The bird recordings are by Jean Roché and the very useful audio guide is by Geoff Sample. The diary is made of high quality art paper for notes and sketches and fits easily into a jacket pocket.

British Birds Diary

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  • How to record onto your diary

    To make a recording in the diary, first choose where you are going to save your recording. For example, you might want to record onto one of the sound spots on page 16. Switch on your Pen and then hold down the 'M' button until the light turns red. You are now in record mode. Now hold down the Record Button (showing the small microphone) and then touch the spot. When the light turns purple you can let go of the record button and make your recording. To finish press the record button again to stop recording. To listen to your recording, just touch the spot you recorded onto with the Pen. (This is with the Pen still in the red record mode). You can also make notes and sketches next to that sound spot as a way of building up your own library of observations and sounds. This is a fantastic way of monitoring the changes either in your local area or when on holiday. It's also a great help when wanting to identify birds. Record the bird, make a note of what it looked like, and then when you are at home you can look it up.