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Television presenter Chris Packham is a wildlife expert, photographer and author with a passionate concern for conservation and the environment. He has travelled the world in pursuit of all things that slime, sting and scratch but remain close to his heart. In his latest book "Nature Handbook: Explore the wonders of the natural world", Chris emphasises that becoming a naturalist requires systematic observation of nature. To do this you should have the means of recording what you have seen, and for this purpose he recommends BirdVoice as one of the 'must-have' specialist equipment for birdwatching.

About the Book
The natural world is on your doorstep; whether you live in the heart of a concrete jungle, or on top of a mountain - so why not explore it? From woodlands to beaches, let Chris Packham take you on a sensory journey through some of the world's key habitats. You'll meet the wildlife that lives there and discover how the natural world really works. Explore the sights, sounds and smells, learn about the plants, animals, weather and ecological processes at work and find out how to interact with the wild while still conserving it. Packed with practical activities for every season and location, so you can learn about and engage with the wildlife around you; from raising butterflies from caterpillars, to leaving a bucket of rainwater out to develop into an ecosystem.


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