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BirdVoice is a set of tools that helps to increase your enjoyment in recognising, recalling and building your knowledge about bird songs and calls in a quick way. At its core is the BirdVoice Pen, which is a portable device that plays back 290 calls and songs of European species. It doesn't need access to the web, and can access calls much faster than smartphone apps. There is no scrolling or keying in text; just point and listen.

Each species has three parameters: its call, its song and expert commentary on what to listen out for. Every aspect of BirdVoice is professional. The songs and calls are recorded by Jean C Roché, famous for his collection of high-quality audio recordings. The advice is by Geoff Sample, one of the UK’s expert birdwatchers, and illustrations are by RSPB accredited Mike Langham.


BirdVoice started in 2006 and has been of immense value to numerous watchers – from experts and guides, to novices and families. We find it is a great gift to people wanting to start a new hobby. The technology, unique since it brings digital to paper, is simple to operate, compact to carry around and inexpensive.


"Such an amazing package, simple and ingenious." 

Malcolm Tate, Editor, Waterlife Magazine

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